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Torch Solutions saves customers' time, money, and effort.

We will support you in ensuring that you receive your benefits.

*The example calculation below is based on the average amount received by our customers of 4 million yen (2.5 million yen in employment-related subsidies and 1.5 million yen in other subsidies). An example of the amount remaining is shown below. The amount received varies depending on the customer, so please contact us for details.

torch solutions

Consulting fee: 200,000 yen

+ 10% success fee

+ Staffing fee: 50,000 yen

Estimated amount of customer benefits: 3.35 million yen (83.75%)

Based on our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to provide not only government subsidies but also services that customers can take advantage of.

We will comprehensively propose grants, subsidies, etc.

By dispatching the necessary human resources for customers to apply for grants and subsidies on their own,

We minimize our customers' time, costs, and effort, allowing them to receive maximum benefits.

​Social and Labor Consultant

 Deposit + cost of changing work rules, etc. + success fee

+ (advisory contract)

Estimated amount of customer benefits: 1.44 to 1.82 million yen (36% to 45.5%)

​ *Advisory contract will be paid separately

*Employment-related subsidies only


He is a professional who is legally permitted to handle procedures for employment-related subsidies, so you can rest assured that he will be entrusted with the work.

Additionally, by entering into an advisory contract, you can request consultation and document preparation regarding labor issues in addition to subsidies.

Subsidy applications are generally based on success fees and are often paid in arrears.


Social insurance and labor consultants will also be held responsible if they act as an agent for subsidy procedures and receive fraudulent benefits, so they may not be able to accept Spot's subsidy procedures on their behalf.

Even if you request a social insurance and labor consultant to handle the subsidy procedures on your behalf, the ultimate responsibility lies with the applicant employer in the event of fraudulent receipt.

In some cases, you may be asked to sign an advisory contract as a condition of requesting assistance with grant procedures.

grant consulting

Earnest money + cost of changing work rules, etc. + success fee

+Consulting fee

Estimated amount of customer benefits: 1.72 million yen (43%)

​ *Employment-related subsidies only


We are always available to process grant applications.

By creating templates for subsidy procedures, the burden on social insurance and labor consultants is reduced.

We will respond to the success fees that customers pay to social insurance and labor consultants at a low rate.


In order to efficiently process applications from as many customers as possible, we often limit our support to employment-related subsidies.

We take into consideration the customer's business plan, actual system changes, implementation costs, operation, and post-receipt response.

It is often difficult to make proposals that are tailored to the customer.

It is illegal for a grant consulting company to handle grant procedures on your behalf. Also, social insurance and labor consultants

Since we do not perform filling out work on your behalf, you will basically have to fill out the form yourself.

You may also be offered the option of installing relatively expensive IT products using the subsidy you received.

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